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OpenPlanet Limited is a UK Company formed in 2004. The Company comprises an international team of professionals, each widely regarded as a leading expert in one or more of the critical aspects of OPLAN development:

In addition, the Company enjoys a close working relationship with a number of leading firms of professional advisors in the above fields.

Image of Malcolm MatsonThe provenance of OpenPlanet Limited is impressive and rests upon the 25 years of dedicated focus and investment in open access made by the Company’s founder, Malcolm Matson. A leading pioneer of the broadband age since the early 1980s, Malcolm was probably the first person in the world to begin to interpret and to articulate the disruptive impact on the telecoms and broadcasting world of the three seminal technological innovations of the second half of the 20th century (silicon chip + optical fibre + cognitive radio). Contrary to the conventional wisdom and the entrenched business models of the telecoms, broadcasting and cable-TV industries around the world, he argued that abundant low cost processing power, network capacity and spectrum would inevitably lead to a world where infrastructure, and the content or communications running over this infrastructure, would eventually become totally independent of each other. He argued that as the control of communication routing in a digital world migrated from the centre of the network into the hands of users at the ‘edge’, this would inevitably lead to radical new business models and destroy those that had prospered in the analogue era. Based on this analysis, he progressively developed the concept of the Open Public Local Access Network (OPLAN). In the late 1980s he successfully sold his broadband network interests to Pacific Telesis (the US RBOC) when UK public policy became captive to the vested interests of the telco sector. He then founded COLT Telecom (1989) - Europe’s first all-fibre public telecommunications network but when COLT too abandoned the open access strategy he sold out to Fidelity Capital, the US partner he had brought in and accurately forecasted a grim future for the vertically integrated ‘service provider’ model the company insisted on pursuing, along with the rest of the telecoms sector.

Since then he has consistently promoted the open access concept and refined the OPLAN model - writing and speaking widely around the world on the subject. He does so now in the name of the OPLAN Foundation (www.oplan.org) which he founded in 2005. The concept of open access is now widely regarded as a legitimate and mainstream concept – a far cry from when Malcolm Matson first articulated the idea a quarter of a century ago. Malcolm has advised the World Bank on OPLAN strategies for emerging markets as well as numerous cities and governments around the world, which are now beginning to grapple with ‘next genus network’ strategies. Educated at the University of Nottingham (UK) and Harvard Business School (US) and a Winston Churchill Fellow, Malcolm was for many years a member of the Council of the UK Parliamentary Information Technology Committee.