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OpenPlanet has an international focus and will respond to opportunities in any territories where favourable market, political and regulatory conditions for the OPLAN business model prevail or where there is a commitment at the highest level to create them.

Given OpenPlanet’s depth of experience and understanding, in most cases the Company will itself initiate contact and discussions with cities or communities that appear to possess many or most of the necessary conditions for an OPLAN strategy and therefore have good prospects for success. However, the Company is open to approaches by any party with a firmly held commitment to the open public local access network business model and it will always respond positively to such approaches. This includes undertaking an initial exploratory discussion in any overseas location on a ‘no-fee, no commitment’ basis – provided only that all its out of pocket expenses are met by the enquiring party.

OpenPlanet is receiving increasing interest from incumbent local exchange carriers in various locations, and these are particularly welcome as the Company is well placed to joint-venture in local open access strategies that not only realise an OPLAN for the locality concerned, but also realise substantial shareholder value for the incumbent compared to persisting with the conventional vertically integrated ‘service provider’ business model.