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How does OpenPlanet develop OPLANs? A collaborative approach

OpenPlanet is not a conventional communications development company, nor is it a consultancy firm. Rather, it is best thought of as an amalgam of catalyst, mid-wife and partner - working where invited, in collaboration with a visionary local civic or community initiative. OpenPlanet’s role is to help birth, nurture and develop an informed and determined local initiative, effectively co-ordinating and leading this towards the goal of creating an OPLAN. However, OpenPlanet never can and will never attempt to become active in a situation unless there is a strong, grass roots vision and commitment from leading community stakeholders towards the goal of abundant open access local connectivity.

A World of Abundance not Scarcity

Central to the above is the need for a shift in mindset within a community. Rather than regarding communications connectivity as the exclusive responsibility of one or more third-party telecoms or internet service providers, providing it on the basis of access to ‘scarcity’, there is an awakening to the possibility of what might be regarded as ‘community secured’ access to ‘abundance’. This shift in philosophy and mind-set lies at the heart of OpenPlanet’s modus operandi and is enabled by a set of potential building blocks which include:

OpenPlanet has no fail-safe blue-print or template that will guarantee the successful navigation of what is a highly complex and obstacle strewn journey from aspiration to reality in every instance. However, the Company does have unequalled relevant understanding, insight and experience gained through a global network of independent relationships which is both deep and broad. It has also developed a set of powerful analytical and planning tools that makes the OPLAN journey of a pioneering city or community, eminently realistic. OpenPlanet will only work with a community or city if it has the necessary local political vision and will to complete the OPLAN journey.

The first step is to meet us and talk through the process. OpenPlanet will then, if things progress, present a proposal for a collobarative project to develop a business plan for a local OPLAN. This process normally takes three to four months, concluding, if warranted by a full analysis, in an OPLAN proposition which will be progressed jointly with local stakeholders through to the securing of funding and implementation.

More details of the process are available here